Difference Between AMOLED Vs OLED Advantages and Which is Better Display

Difference Between AMOLED Vs OLED Advantages and Which is Better Display

OLED Stands for Organic-light emitting diode while AMOLED Stands for the Active Matrix Organic Light-emitting diode. These two are the screen display. We will compare both the screen display and find out the advantages of both the Screen types and then we reach a conclusion about the better display for your smartphone, OLED Vs AMOLED.

AMOLED Is actually a Type of OLED. The advantage of the AMOLED Over OLED is that it offers no restriction on the screen size. AMOLED Screen has a TFT Capacitor while OLED Screen contains a LED, it has an organic material that emits light when current is provided to it.


OLED is a technology that contains an LED that emits light when the current passes through it. OLED exhibit deeper and darker color the same with the case of the LCD. There are two types of OLED, OLED, And AMOLED. The OLED contains an LED that is made of organic material. The OLED display has two types AMOLED and POLED The difference between the

The AMOLED display is a household name while most people never heard of POLED. Both of these types of OLED are invented technologies.


AMOLED is an acronym for Active-matric Light-emitting diode. It is a far better screen than OLED because it consists of a Think layer of TFT. The PMOLED (passive matrix light-emitting diodes) is a short-living display type of the OLED.

Which screen type is better in AMOLED Vs. OLED, for this we need to check the advantages and disadvantages of both the screen types.

Advantages of OLED Display

  1. OLED is brighter than LED Because of the organic material in it.

Disadvantages of OLED Display

  1. Shorter life-span compared to AMOLED Display.
  2. Variation in Color balancing
  3. Non-resistant to water.

Advantages of AMOLED Display:

  1. Faster screen refresh rates. That’s something for the gamers with an unending desire for FPS!