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Medium SEO: How To Rank Your Medium Articles In Google Search?

I have got over a million views on my Medium stories and most of the traffic was from Google search. If you are a writer, you should learn search engine optimization. It could help you in many ways on different writing platforms. My Medium stories were never distributed nor were my stories on Medium published in big publications but still, I manage to make over $3000 on Medium in the past few months. The reason? I know about SEO.

Remember your Medium partner program isn’t your only source of income, you can make money through other ways on Medium and Medium is completely fine with it.

Medium only pays for Medium-member reads, so what is the point of getting reads from search engines?

This is a very valid question. I asked this question to myself when I decided that I will write some of the stories that will be solely for getting traffic from search engines. I have something to share with you.

A story of mine that ranked on the first spot on Google
A story of mine that ranked on the first spot on Google

This story takes me less than 10 minutes to write. It is ranked on top of Google. This story made me over $35 and is generating me more every day. Now, think of this as hundreds of stories ranked on Google? you could achieve $1000 or more a month by writing stories about things you know about.

The second thing; just putting your story on a Medium metered paywall isn’t the end of the monetization, you can make money through affiliate marketing as well as hundreds of other ways.

Step#1 In Medium SEO: Researching

The hardest part of writing is finding a keyword that has more search volume and less keyword difficulty, as Medium has high domain authority it could help you get ranked on Google.

How you can do keyword research? there are many tools available on the Internet that you could use to find the search volume and the keyword difficulty of a keyword like SEMrush and AHREF, you can also use Google auto-suggestion to fin the keywords you are searching for.

Remember that, the keyword is the most important part of a successful article that generates hundreds of traffic for your blog post from Google search. You can also do 10 free searches per day on SEMrush.

Step#2 In Medium SEO: Optimization

Now, that you have discovered a keyword with high search volume and low competition, it is time to write a great article about the keyword. Keep the following things in mind while writing an article that ranks on Google;

  • The title of your blog post is most important. Use the keyword in your title. Also, use the title in your subtitle or use a synonym of the keyword in your sub-title.
  • Use the main keyword in the first 100 words.
  • If possible, create your own feature image and save it dot JPG. JPG format is the most lightweight and search-optimized.
  • Interlinking is when you add links to your already published posts. Use external links by giving reference to some of the credible studies or facts.
  • Add videos or pictures. Videos are good for engagement and could help you increase the user time on the page.
  • Write long-form content. Writing long-form content is depressing but it could help you in getting ranked easily.

Writing an article isn’t that hard but it takes time—it takes time for doing research or collecting relevant materials and proofreading your article.

Also, there are some features that Medium gives you to optimize your articles for SEO.

Medium SEO: How To Rank Your Medium Articles In Google Search?
Medium SEO: How To Rank Your Medium Articles In Google Search?

As you can see, Medium gives you the option to further optimize your articles for search engines.

  1. Adding relevant tags: Adding relevant popular tags could help you in getting ranked on Google compared to the very same story but with a poor choice and less popular tags.
  2. The Medium publication: There are some studies that show that stories published in popular publications have more chances of getting the first spot on Google compared to stories published in less popular Medium publications.
  3. The SEO Title: Your Title is often called the SEO title but if you want to change it, you can change it from the setting option of your story.
  4. The SEO description: Your SEO description for a Medium story is the most important. Having your target keyword in the SEO description could also impact your SEO.

Doing all these things, “hit publish”

Step#3: Off-Page Optimization

After publishing your article, now it is time to market your stories. The first thing you have to do is to make sure you share your Medium story on social media platforms as well as on Pinterest. Pinterest is heaven for bloggers.

Creating do-follow backlinks is a tiresome process but if you are writing about a keyword that worth the effort, you can write an article about it on your blog and link back to it.

Sites where users are generating content like Quora, Reddit, and Medium (second) account. All these websites give a ‘no-follow attribute to every link but still, there are some studies that show that no-follow backlinks also carry some SEO juice.

Videos About Medium SEO:

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