How To Invest In Onlyfans Stock Buying Onlyfans Shares

How To Invest In Onlyfans Stock? Buying Onlyfans Shares

Onlyfans is one of the most profitable companies on the face of the earth. They have a subscription-based business model which means that whenever someone subscribes to an Onlyfans creator, they are paying a monthly fee to retain their subscription. Onlyfans take 20% of the monthly fee a creator is making. So, let say, a creator is making $1000 in net, Onlyfans will charge them $200. They are the most profitable company, if you are searching for investing in Onlyfans stock, you probably know about this already.

Having said that, investors are always looking for opportunities to invest in good companies which can make them a fortune. And OnlyFans is one of those companies whose growth was remarkable after the lockdown of March 2020 in the COVID pandemic. According to the data shared, this platform has witnessed a 40% increase in its users since March 2020.

These numbers are catchy enough for the investors who are always looking to grab the early bird offer and invest in companies that are not well established in the stock market but have a hu8ge potential for growth.

What is OnlyFans?

It is a content subscription service that allows the users to gain access to the content creators on this platform by charging a monthly fee.

The OnlyFans social media platform was started in 2016. This platform allows its users to make accounts and charge for their subscription monthly. Out of the amount charged by a user for his account subscription, OnlyFans keeps 20% of the amount and the rest 80% goes to the creator. For example, if the subscription fee of an account is $10, then the account owner only gets $8 whenever a person subscribes to his account.

What makes OnlyFans unique?

Adult Content!

Yes, the answer is as simple as that.

This platform differs from others such as Instagram and Facebook as it allows its users to share and post pornographic content. This is one of the biggest reasons why it has gained so many users over the last 5 years. Since the lockdown from march 2020, the users of these platforms increased by 40%

Another reason why OnlyFans is so much popular is because of the presence of celebrities and access to their premium subscription. Celebrities post their behind-the-scenes and their bold pictures on their account, which their fans can access by paying some monthly amount for their subscription. Some people might think of this platform as another pornography platform, but the presence of many celebrities and their close interaction with fans on this platform makes this one of a kind.

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Who uses OnlyFans?

Many celebrities and adult content creators are popular on OnlyFans because it acts as a stream of income for most of them. Blac Chyna is currently the highest-earning celebrity on OnlyFans, earning over $20 million per month from this platform. This is one of the reasons OnlyFans witnessed tremendous growth in the lockdown because many celebrities saw it as an income source in the COVID times where most of their work was affected due to this pandemic.

Belle Throne made a record by gaining 50k subscribers and $2 million on the platform in only one week. Before this, she was a famous Disney Star who worked in the movie ‘Alvin and The Chipmunks’.

How to invest in OnlyFans stocks?

Now that you have understood what is OnlyFans and how does this platform work, it’s time to know about OnlyFans stock.

You Can’t!

And here’s why!

Stocks of a company are only available in the market when it is a public company. By investing in those stocks, you share a small part of the ownership of a company. However, Only Fans is a private company which is owned by Fenix International Limited. Since it is not a public company, its stocks are not available in the market to invest in(at least not for now).

Platforms like Youtube and Instagram, the main revenue of creators comes from ads. However, The OnlyFans model relies on its subscription-based finance model to make money.  This eliminates the need for third-party ads and gives the creator more control over his content.


OnlyFans is one of those few businesses whose revenue has grown exponentially in the times of pandemic, which makes it a worth looking stock in case it becomes public. Keeping an eye on the company’s activity is the smartest thing to do as it will not take a long time for its stocks to give a massive profit to its investors.

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