Free Medium membership 3 proactive ways to fund your Medium membership

Free Medium Membership: 3 Ways To Fund Your Medium Subscription For Free

In this guide, I will share ways to fund your Medium membership for free without spending any money using your credit card or adding your bank account information and the $5/month will come from other sources. This is a completely hack-free and legal way to fund your Medium membership. Reading this article could make you a better person and solve problems more positively than finding a way around.

How much does a Medium membership cost?

Medium membership costs around $5 per month or $50 per year. In this guide, I will share hustle-free ways to make $5 per month from writing online and use this money to fund your Medium membership.

Method#1: Write on Medium under the Medium partner program:

The medium partner program lets you make money by writing stories and getting more reads from Medium members. I have a blog on Medium called “” it generate me $7 to $10 every month under the Medium partner program and I just have published over 10 to 15 stories a year ago. This shows that you can generate a subscription fee if you use your time to make it more productive and write few articles on Medium. I would suggest you just publish up to 20 articles and you are good to go. You can even make enough money to find your other subscriptions like Netflix or any other subscription you are paying money for.

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Method#2: Write on Vocal Media:

Vocal Media is another writing platform where you make money in multiple ways. One way to make money from Vocal Media is to write stories and getting paid for the reads you get. As you might didn’t plan for getting a Vocal+ subscription you will get $3.8 per 1,000 reads. Just getting 1500 reads a month could help you make $5+ a month which is good to fund your free Medium subscription.

You can read this article to learn more about how to make money on Vocal Media: How to make money from Vocal Media? I made over $1000 Writing on Vocal

I starting writing on Vocal just because I want to fund some small projects but Vocal completely changed my life. You might be wondering; is this guy mad? why he is suggesting create content instead of showing us a way to get Free Medium membership. Because I want the best for you. I am suggesting a way where there is a win-win situation for you as well as the creators of the platforms. You could even use this money to fund your Netflix subscriptions or other subscriptions you have.

If you reading this you probably know how to write in English. Somewhere on Twitter, I read that “Knowing English is the No.1 skill anyone have’

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Method#3: Write on Medium without partner program and request people to give you a Medium yearly subscription:

Yes, you only need one loyal reader to fund your whole year of Medium membership. It just costs $50 and a lot of people will be willing to pay if you inspire them in some form. Just write passionately about the topic you know about and at the end of the post request people to help you get a medium membership.

You could be positive and use the power of writing to generate a passive stream of income that could help you sustain your Medium membership.

About the Author: Aamir Kamal:

Aamir Kamal is a writer on Medium, Vocal, and runs a YouTube channel where he discusses Blogging, Writing, SEO, Marketing, and Social Media platforms. You can follow me on Medium here, Vocal here, and my YouTube channel here: Aamir kamal