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5 Tips To Make $100 a Month Writing On Vocal Media

You might have heard from many people about Vocal Media. This Tweet from Tim denning listed 7 side hustles to make a little extra money in 2021.

You see, almost all the side hustles are very hard to keep up with it except one platform that is Vocal Media. Vocal Media is a very different platform. If you want to make money on Vocal Media, we have a detailed guide about it on this platform.

As someone once tweeted; “Once you made $1 on the Internet, there is no way return”

On Vocal, you get paid for the reads in large, some creators choose to submit stories to the challenges, which is also a good way to make money but mostly, you can make good money from getting reads on Vocal. If you are a Vocal+ member, you can make $6/1000 reads which are quite impressive compared to AdSense paying for views on your blog. But, it is good, another way of making an extra income.

Before you read this post, you should read these articles if you don’t know how people make money on Vocal and how the payment works?

Or Watch this video, this video is very old and it was my very early experience with the platform.

Tip#1: Learn Search Engine Optimization:

This is the cornerstone for you. Vocal Media doesn’t have any traffic in itself. You have to bring traffic to your stories in some way and Vocal will pay you for that. The good thing about getting reads is that you can generate a passive income stream and build a system.

I have to build a system that generates $600 a month through my Vocal stories. The No.1 source of traffic is from the search engine. You can do the very same if you generate content that is highly optimized for the search engine. It takes time for Vocal stories to getting ranked but if you write long-form content, you could easily be ranked for high search volume keywords.

A step-by-step to find a keyword to write an SEO article:

  1. The first rule of thumb is; to write about any topic of your choice. It should have some search value. Titles that start with “How to” or a “Guide” have evergreen traffic.
  2. Find keywords by searching a word about any niche on different keyword researching tools like SEMrush or AHREF.
  3. An ideal keyword has high search volume and low competition or keyword difficulty. Once you find the right keyword. It is time to write an article.
  4. Write a title having your primary keyword, use the keyword in the sub-title too, and then write a lengthy article discussing everything you know about a topic.
  5. Write an article about that topic is far better than the one listed on top of the Google search for that keyword.

Tip#2: Write more and every day:

It takes me 5 months of consistent writing publishing 30+ articles a month to reach the point where I am making $600 a month on Vocal. You could do the same if you are being consistent on the platform and write every single day. I know this is hard but with time, writing becomes your habit.

Having a healthy habit is what makes some extraordinary.

If you are publishing 9 articles a week, you will end up publishing 36 articles a month. If you think about it in long term, this could be a highly profitable business for you.

Each read on Vocal worth = $0.006, remember this. You need 170 reads to generate $1 on Vocal.

Tip#3: Share your stories to multiple social platforms:

Following are the social media platforms that could share your Vocal stories:

  1. Quora Spaces
  2. Pinterest
  3. Facebook groups
  4. Medium
  5. Hackernoon
  6. Create your own blog
  7. Create a YouTube channel and convert your text into a short video
  8. Linkedin Groups
  9. Email marketing

You can learn about these ways to generate traffic in this article: 11 Platforms Where You Can Share Your Vocal Stories

Tip#4: It Takes Time!

It takes time. For me, it takes 5 to 7 months of consistent work and some luck in order to to make over $600 a month on Vocal. I am grateful that a writing platform like Vocal exists where we could share everything we know and make money through getting reads.

When I was planning to write on my blog, I never thought of making $100 from that blog but the thought was long-term, 4 to 5 years but my hard work and luck strike and that blog made me over $17,000 in just one and a half year. So, you never know what side hustle of yours could make you a good amount of money. All you could do is to put a consistent effort.

Tip#5: Some strategies to increase your readership:

Following are some more strategies to increase your readership.

  • Interlinking: If you are writing a post about any topic that you already have a published article about it, add a link back to that story. Through this method, you could convert a single reader into multiple reads. This strategy is also good for search engine optimization.
  • Make your posts more Interesting: Remember, a read isn’t equal to a view. When a user or a viewer spends some time reading your story then it is calculated as reads. Add rich media to your posts on Vocal to make it more interesting so that more viewers spend time reading.
  • Link back to your other assets: I have a YouTube channel as well as writing on my Medium publication. Whenever there is an opportunity to link back to your other assets, don’t be shy about doing it. You can also mention your Vocal stories in your YouTube channel or your Medium stories.

Let’s calculate how many reads per day you need to make $100 a month in profit writing on Vocal. As you have to pay $10 a month for a Vocal+ subscription, so we will calculate readership for $110

  • For 1,000 reads, you are making $6
  • For 10,000 reads, you will be making $60
  • For 18,000 reads, you will be making $108

So, to make a net profit of $100 or more, we need to get at least 18,000 reads a month. This means that you need an average of 600+ reads a day to make an extra $100 on Vocal. In my opinion, it is very easy to get that many reads after writing for few months on a consistent basis.

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