eden hazard is a Muslim or not

Eden Hazard Religious Beliefs: Is He is a Muslim or a Christian?

Religion is one of a person’s most basic and sensitive issues. Despite the fact that some footballers are very open about their religious beliefs, there are still other sports stars whose religious beliefs are not publicly known. In this article, we discuss what religion does Eden Hazard follows by going through his social media posts and other public speeches and also discuss what are his thoughts about religion in general. 

Eden Hazard is one of the best French footballers based in Africa. In this article we going to discuss; what is the religion of Eden Hazard? is he a Muslim or a Christian or what are his religious beliefs? In many Tweets Eden Hazard congratulated Muslims over Eid so a lot of people thought that; he is a Muslim.

Social media posts were stating that Real Madrid’s Belgian player Eden Hazard had converted to Islam, but the player’s social media accounts did not make an official announcement. As a result, a number of tweeters congratulated Hazard on his conversion to Islam.

Speculations about Hazard’s Religion and Reality Behind

The circulation of an old video clip showing Hazard saying, “God willing,” helped spread the news of his conversion to Islam.

However, the BBC made no mention of Hazard’s conversion to Islam, and the video clip comes from the summer of 2018, when a journalist asked him if he could score 40 goals in the 2018/2019 season, to which Hazard answered, “God willing.”

Obviously, the value of a player like Hazard to any team cannot be overstated. The 29-year-old is a proven winner who can seize a game by the scruff of the neck and turn it around.

Eden Hazard was born in the Belgian city of La Louvier. There are a large number of Muslims from Arab countries, particularly from North Africa. It can be said that he was raised in a Muslim environment, even though he and his family are not Muslims, and the player has embraced Islam recently.

Proof that Eden Hazard is a Muslim:

Enthusiasm towards Religion

Hazard is enthusiastic to congratulate Muslims on major holidays and religious occasions, such as Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha, and this is done on his official pages on social networking sites.

Eden Hazard, the current Real Madrid player, confirmed in recent statements to Senegalese striker Demba, the former Chelsea player, that he feels a strong desire to learn more about the Islamic religion, which is why Hazard began reading the Qur’an regularly and asking a lot of questions about him. And Demba highlighted that Hazard has a general idea of Islam, which may lead him to make the right option, in the end, to join Islam.

Hazard has wonderful attitudes regarding the challenges that Muslims face in many parts of the world today, and he was one of the players who signed a document protesting the European Under-21 Championship being hosted by a Zionist entity.

Hazard’s Personal life

It has been four years since Belgian Eden Hazard married his girlfriend Natasha. The couple’s closeness has helped to keep the current Real Madrid player free of rumors and irrational adventures, and one of the most significant things to know about Hazard’s wife Natasha is that she has a role in the transfer of Hazard from Chelsea to Madrid.

Hazard and his wife, Natasha, have been married since Hazard was 14 years old. Their friendship blossomed over time, and they married in 2012. When Hazard, a Belgian footballer, announced his conversion to Islam, it is expected that she will follow in his footsteps and convert to Islam as well.

Hazard is a Muslim, but he has never shown it or asked around. He is a fantastic football player with the potential to be one of the greatest ever. I don’t care what religion he practices, he has shown his greatness as a human being multiple times. I believe that one’s religious beliefs are a personal concern and that this violation of privacy is unacceptably intrusive.

So, Is Eden Hazard is a Muslim or not?

Yes, he is a Muslim and he visited Mecca for Hajj. We have a very similar article here:

Is Eden Hazard A Muslim Or Christian? The Religion Of Eden Hazard

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