Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Medium How To Guide For Affiliate Marketing On Medium

Amazon Affiliate Marketing On Medium: How To Guide For Affiliate Marketing On Medium

There are two ways through which you can make money writing on Medium. One is through the Medium Partner program, in this article; How to make money writing on Medium in 2021? I have explained every ins and outs of making money through the Medium partner program. The second way to make money writing on Medium is through Affiliate marketing. Medium is a powerful platform with Good SEO that could help you get ranked on search engines. There are a lot of case studies where writers made over $1000 just by adding an affiliate link to one of their articles.

I love Medium. This is probably one of *The* best platforms for writing online and making money but if you come to Medium just with the intention of doing affiliate marketing then things might don’t add up for you. Write on Medium with the intention of educating the reader and making the Internet a better place for everyone. The point here is; Don’t just write for the sake of money.

Is Affiliate marketing works on Medium?

Yes, there are some cases written by people on Medium about affiliate marketing. Case study 1: An Author wrote about her experience of making $3000 from a single story on Medium through affiliate marketing. You can read it here.

If you are writing on Medium and being part of the Medium Partner Program, you should know that not every view will make you money. Only people who are part of the Medium Membership, you will be getting paid for it, but in the case of affiliate marketing, anyone you refer could let you make money.

Affiliate marketing on Medium isn’t easy. You have to discover a keyword, a keyword that has more search volume and less competition to rank on, then you have done research about this topic and write a 2,000+ words article.

The Most Important Thing about Affiliate marketing On Medium: 

Very few people actually read the Terms and conditions and rules of a website before they sign-up. But, if you want to stay on this platform forever, but if you are only concern about doing affiliate marketing on Medium then you have to remember this rule that states: “You must add a disclosure somewhere in your post that your Medium story has an affiliate link” (FTC)

You can read Medium rules for a better understanding of the content you publish on Medium.

A lot of writers who comment on my videos on YouTube have this problem that their Medium account has been suspended because they add an affiliate link but not a disclosure.

A common example of disclosure might be;

“This post contains affiliate links, if you bought anything from these links, I will get a commission with no additional cost to you”

^Please don’t copy-paste it. This will fall under Medium duplication policies. Write disclosure in your own words.

Medium is a beautiful platform:

Medium is a revolutionary writing platform. It isn’t like any other platform, it has a unique business model and gives everyone access to write and publish content. It is like Netflix for digital creators. Now, you might have watch videos about doing affiliate marketing on Medium but write about things that love. Join the Amazon Affiliate program and when you mention a product or a book in your article, add your affiliate link, and don’t forget to add a disclosure. If you don’t add a disclosure in your post containing an affiliate link, it is a violation of Medium policies as well as FTC guidelines.

In my opinion, the Amazon affiliate program doesn’t worth it as it has reduced the commission to cents.

Through your writing on Medium, you could build a six-figure business writing about the topic that you are passionate about.

Something happened to my Medium account when I added two affiliate links in two Medium stories:

Note: “I don’t do affiliate marketing on Medium anymore”

In my opinion, Medium isn’t for affiliate marketing. Medium is for creators to share content and if you reach the right audience, you make money being part of the MPP (Medium Partner Program).

During my starting days on Medium, I added affiliate links in two of my stories and after few hours, Medium shows me this red notification “Your Medium account is under suspension”, no emails from Medium, none. Nothing.

I emailed Medium and they said; “The system put your Medium account in spam filter” and Reinstated my account.

This happens only because of affiliate marketing. So, from that day, forward, I stop doing affiliate marketing on Medium. Medium is a writing platform, keep it pure from external links (Unless you are mentioning sources for data, facts, scientific discovery)

You need targeted views:

If you are doing a product review, you better need to optimize your content for the search engine, or people who read your story are interested in that topic. As Medium is good for SEO you can easily get ranked on keywords where your targeted readers are searching for.

Here is how you can optimize your Medium story for the search engines;

  • Your title and subtitle is the most important part of Medium SEO. Your title and subtitle must have a keyword of your target.
  • Add Alt-text to Images, add Interlinks, and write a long-form story (2,000+) words.
  • Share your story on social media, Quora, and Pinterest. Pinterest is heaven for bloggers. You can read this article: Pinterest marketing: How as a blogger you can grow your traffic.
  • Add your story to a Popular Medium publication or create your own Medium publication.

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