About Us

Hi, this is Aamir Kamal from Medium and Quora. I started this website back in 2017 for writing a variety of topics. In the whole history, we changed our niche from one topic to another topic. We experimented with a range of topics until we find the true niche; after writing on different writing platforms but the very diverse topic, we find that if you write a great post, it has the opportunity to rank higher on the search engines.

On this website, our main goal will be to write as much content about things that you might ask a question on the Internet. We have big dreams for this site. Even though, I was good with writing on other platforms where I have to be less responsible about the technical side of things but now, I have decided that this blog will provide you the information you deserve.

What is there that we can do differently? I was thinking about it yesterday, what if we provide the same information as other websites’ blogs, so I have decided that we will write long-form content with over 2500+ words.

For monetization, we will run ads. Yes, I know. Nobody likes ads but we will try to make your browsing experience more friendly and ad-less. Our main goal isn’t to build a site that makes more money but to give more value to the reader.

In all those years, we go from a very noob blogger to a blog with high domain authority. We started this journey with you and you, our readers who inspire us to support in our journey.